Sandstone Seasons

Sandstone Seasons“This CD (and the 4-movement title work) was commissioned by the city of Longmont for the opening of Sandstone Park.  Two of the movements involve string-octet (combined mandolin and violin quartets). This may be my favorite music that I have composed, and some of the most quirky.” S.M.


Sandstone Seasons CD/price: $15.00 (includes shipping)
 Sandstone Seasons (Downloadable) CD/price: $10.00

  1. Sandstone Summer
  2. Sandstone Autumn
  3. Sandstone Winter
  4. Sandstone Spring 05:34
  5. One Tear
  6. Perpetual Thanksgiving
  7. Cantilena, String Quartet #1, 2nd Mov’t
  8. Brincadeira (A Joke) Quartet #1, 2nd Mov’t
  9. Inglima
  10. Mosquito Dance
  11. Brandenburg Concerto #2, 3rd Mov’t
  12. L’ete From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland