“Rim of The Well is some of the best music I’ve heard in my life….passionate, precise, and playful….a deeply inspiring and pleasurable listening experience” Bob Wiz

“Guitarist Steve Mullins is a legend in Colorado as a flamenco performer, composer and teacher. He is one of the nation’s foremost practitioners of world music “  Jim Bailey Zuri Music

“Not only does Steve play classical guitar beautifully, he is also a master of a number of guitar styles. I have never met a guitarist who is as musically acute (he has an amazing “ear”). His flamenco playing could be said to be virtuosic, but this is not what motivates him. Rather he is a master of the expressive arts and guitar is his instrument.” (Brenda M. Romero, Associate Professor of Musicology, University of Colorado, 2011)

I haven’t heard anyone play string instruments with as much accomplishment and flair.” (Dave Powls, Editor, Holton Recorder, 2008)

“I am rarely as impressed as I am right now, listening to Steve Mullin’s Movimientos …through and through one of the most exquisite journeys I’ve been on musically.”        (Chris K. Online review—mile high music store, 2005)

“Highly inventive and involving…romantic and surrealistic…entirely unique.”(Gretchen Beal, CU Music Professor Emeritus in a review of Agua y Sombra, 2004)

R. Orozco in Riff Magazine states “Flamenco has its roots in gypsy traditions, and has been influenced by people of southern Europe and N. Africa.  I don’t know of any artist that has captured those roots and influences as well as Steve Mullins.” (2003)

“Tight ensemble playing, creative arrangements, and memorable, expressive material”(Dirty Linen, review of Laughing Hands, 1996)

“A uniquely original sound, …solid musicianship,…tightly arranged and performed.” (Acoustic Musician Magazine, review of Laughing Hands, 1996)

“Some of the most innovative and unique music to emerge from this area” (Jeff Stratton, Boulder Weekly, review of Laughing Hands, 1996)