Laughing Hands

Laughing Hands CD

“Tight ensemble playing, creative arrangements, and memorable, expressive material”(Dirty Linen, review of Laughing Hands)
“A uniquely original sound, …solid musicianship,…tightly arranged and performed.” (Acoustic Musician Magazine, review of Laughing Hands)


 Laughing Hands CD/price: $15.00 (includes shipping)
 Laughing Hands (Downloadable) CD/price: $10.00

  1. La Luna Segunda
  2. Orangoutango
  3. North of Peru
  4. Gypsy Quickstep
  5. One Buggy
  6. La Danza  de  la  Luna Suelta
  7. Sasquatch Carnival
  8. Focaccia
  9. Armadillo Dance
  10. La Playa
  11. So Close to Home
  12. Pour Theodore.
  13. Landlocked
  14. Moonbug March
  15. Buggin’ in the One World.