Shine & Rise

Shine & Rise; Music for banjola and mandolin





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1. Shine and Rise 2:05
As children, we were often awakened in the morning with the exhortation “rise and shine,” inverted here, but equally good advice.  This is for my mother who has done so.

2. Mirror Lake 2:15
Written after a family camping trip in Rocky Mountain National park, the shifting rhythms and shimmering quality of this piece are reminiscent of the liquid reflective surface there.

3. River Frogs 4:53 Based on a Senegalese kora tune of the same name.   As the story goes, the singing of the frogs along a certain river in Senegal is so beautiful and rare, that if one were to have the good fortune to awaken in the night and hear it, yet fail to awaken their spouse, it could be grounds for divorce.

4. Silk Road 3:00 Connecting exotic places, in this case Arabia and Spain.

5. Sevilla to Sophía 3:25 A musical journey from Spain to Bulgaria, by way of Hungary.

6. Big Catalpa 3:15 In our neighbors yard.

7. Ghosts of Bakonycsernye 3:24 Dedicated to my wife Susan’s ancestral village in Hungary and the mysterious strangeness we found there.

8.Claudia Once Young 2:30 Written for my mother who is much loved and missed.

9. Little Baobab 4:23 A bit of an oxymoron, inspired by West African music.

10. Six Sisters 2:40 For Claudia, Irene, Marge, Neva, Florence, and Nancy and the way they always laughed.

11. Temporary Light 4:16 Inspired by a beautiful story of the same name by Kate Braverman, read aloud In my family each Christmas. (composed Christmas 2007, my first banjola piece).

12. El Camino Reál 3:44 The “royal road” imagined by the Spanish in this “New World.”

13. Cinnamon District 2:55 This is a  “bonus track” originally recorded on the CD Ojaleo (2005), re-mastered here where it is more at home.  Composed while in Sri Lanka, and named for a region of the city Colombo.