Welcome to the Official Website of Steve Mullins Music

Here you will find information about the variety of musical projects and bands I am involved in (including Laughing Hands, Ojaleo, the New Mandolin Quartet, Rim of the Well, Pablo Rodarte and Dance España, the Barbelfish Balkan Band, Flamenco Denver, Trio Equilibrio,  the Mullins and Walter duo, news about upcoming events, videos, and opportunities to download or mail-order recorded music.

If you are a fan of Spanish flamenco, you can access my papers and book on that topic, and peruse the gallery of flamenco images (from here in Colorado).

If you are an event producer, you may download promotional materials here, or learn about the many musical groups and styles we offer—flamenco, Balkan music, classical mandolin, Irish music, and original World Music Fusions.

There is also information about the instruments I specialize in—Spanish guitar, mandolin, and banjola.

Enjoy your visit to this site!  Feel free to contact me anytime.

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