Pablo Rodarte and Dance España


I continue to have the occasional good fortune of learning about flamenco from the maestro; Pablo Rodarte, and the pleasure of performing with his troupe; Dance España (S.M.)

Pablo Rodarte

Pablo Rodarte

Pablo Rodarte is among the few American-born artists who can claim notoriety and respect in a culture not of his birth. For example, he is the only flamenco dancer not from Spain to be featured in the famous Spanish documentary series Rito y Geografía del Arte Flamenca. Trained in his youth in the disciplines of tap dance, classical ballet, and jazz, Mr. Rodarte at the age of 19 embarked on a career which would afford him artistic recognition throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East, Australia and finally the United States. For 24 years of his life Spain was a home, an institute of learning and a stage on which he excelled as an exponent of the Spanish dance. Because of his mastery of classical ballet and jazz, Spanish television, film and theater were quick to take advantage of his talent providing Mr. Rodarte a wide range of experience for his development as a performer and visual artist.

Mr. Rodarte studied under the great masters including; Antonio Marín, Mercedes León y Albano Zuñiga, Victoria Eugenia, Alberto Lorca, Jose Granero, Tomás de Madrid, Maria Rosa Mercéd, Pedro Azorín, Ciro and finally Angel Torres. Schooled in the three disciplines of Spanish dance (regional, flamenco, and bolero school) Rodarte danced with the companies of Rafael de Cordoba, Alberto Lorca, Maria Rosa, Antonio Gades, Raul, Pacita Tomas, Alberto Portillo, Carmen Cubillo, Jose Molina, Jose Greco, Susana Di Palma, Carlota Santana , and Maria Benitez.

His work in the USA includes founding the company Amanecer Teatro Flamenco in Denver, Colorado, ten years as an adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico and Artistic Director of Dance España based in Albuquerque. This unusual and extensive artistic career has ultimately created in Mr. Rodarte an invaluable tool for theater direction. Natividad Flamenca, Carmen’s Tango Bar, The Red Haired Carmen, and finally Pailletes and Candy Beads are among his recent theater pieces.